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6 Paint Colors for Ranch-Style Homes in Tampa, FL

Is your home's exterior in need of a makeover? Tampa's residential house painters at Original Florida Painting Company can help boost your curb appeal by adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior. They recommend the following six paint colors for ranch-style homes if you want to make your home the focal point of your neighborhood. 

1. Shades of White

A white exterior doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can make your home appear larger than it actually is and give it a fresh, clean look that is timeless. A mostly white exterior allows you to experiment with more vibrant colors for finishes like your front door, shutters, and trim. 

You can make your home pop by painting smaller features a complementary color that stands out against the white tone. Explore the many different available options for white paint colors, including shades of off-white or more neutral creams. Your exterior will look traditional yet unforgettable when you find the right paint colors for ranch-style homes. 

One of the best things about painting your home's exterior white is it allows you to have more flexibility when redesigning your home's interior. Any of the following interior design trends will effortlessly match the cleanliness of your exterior, including:

  • Farmhouse chic decor
  • Nautical style design
  • Contemporary design
  • Mid-century modern style

2. Rustic Earth Tones

Do you want to highlight the landscape surrounding your Tampa home? Choose a classic earth tone that adds a warm and inviting feel to your exterior walls. You can complement these traditional beige, tan, and light brown colors with darker hues for doors and shutters, along with bright white trim. 

While earth tones also look great on multi-story homes, they are among the best paint colors for ranch-style homes because they draw your eyes to the landscaping. Whether your front yard features stunning palm trees or a simple paved pathway surrounded by grass, warm exterior paint colors are the perfect contrast for natural landscaping. 

You'll have plenty of options to choose from with this style, including taupe, beige, and muted shades of green, orange, and red. This color palette is a favorite among homeowners who want their space to feel open and blend in with the landscaping for a natural, rustic look.

3. Sleek Gray Paint

One of the most popular paint colors for ranch-style homes is gray, which gives any house a sleek, contemporary look. Opt for dark gray if you want dramatic and modern exterior walls, and complement the gray with white trim that stands out. Lighter shades of gray are great for achieving a subtle, minimalist look that doesn't take away from your home's natural architecture and landscaping. You can pair gray with black or dark trim and finishes for a more cozy look.

You can get creative with gray paints by using light and dark shades together for a traditional look or make features like your front door stand out by painting it a vibrant color against an all-gray exterior. You won't have to worry about this color trend going out of style since gray remains one of the most consistently popular exterior paint colors in Tampa and beyond. 

4. Trendy Primary Color Against a White Trim

Painting an exterior a vibrant, primary color with a bright white trim doesn't always look great on larger homes. However, for small ranch-style houses in Tampa, this design is the perfect way to draw attention to the exterior and make it look desirable. The primary color takes center stage against your landscape, while the simple white trim heightens the visual appeal with clean lines. 

Opt for this design if you want a bold exterior or have a lot of yard space surrounding your house. Impressive yards with lots of lush green grass will make this style of home stand out even more. This option lets you get creative in your paint selection, so feel free to choose a vibrant royal blue or rich red instead of more subdued neutrals. 

5. Subtle Green Shades

Green is one of the best paint colors for ranch-style homes because it works well against asphalt or tile shingle roofs that are common in Tampa. You can opt for a more earthy tone like olive green, which adds a cozy elegance to any exterior. Lighter shades of green work especially well if you have a larger yard and shady trees that you want to show off. 

On the other hand, you could also make your home blend into nature by choosing a darker green and contrasting it with a lighter color for your trim, shutters, and doors. No matter what shade you choose, a green exterior blends modern and traditional palettes together, which results in eye-catching curb appeal. 

6. Calming Blues

Paint your home a shade of blue if you want an exterior that makes your home look bold yet inviting. Hues like teal that have a brightness to them give your home character and warmth, while deeper shades are trendy. Painting your exterior blue is a great way to match both your roof and landscaping. 

If you like the look of a gray exterior but want something different, opt for a shade of blue with gray undertones. You'll be able to see hints of both colors depending on the lighting and can make your finishes stand out with a white paint trim. Blue exteriors are trendy for Tampa homeowners because there are countless shades available to suit a variety of color palettes and styles.

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Contact Original Florida Painting Company today if you want to explore different paint colors for ranch-style homes and freshen up your house's exterior. Their experts can help choose a beautiful paint color, abide by foolproof house exterior painting rules, and know how to put the proper finishing touches on any Tampa home. Give their team a call if you are ready to give your ranch home an eye-catching new paint color. 

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