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    Cabinet Painting in Tampa

    When you need professional cabinet painting in Tampa, FL, turn to the veteran-owned Original Florida Painting Company.

    Cabinet Painting in Tampa

    If you’re considering replacing your cabinets because they look old or outdated, consider a paint job instead. At Original Florida Painting Company, we can improve the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with just a few coats of paint. We’re the premier cabinet painters in Tampa, FL. Call today to schedule a free estimate appointment!

    Do you need to update the inside of your home? Call us today for interior painting services by the professionals!

    Time to Update Your Cabinets? Trust Our Experienced Cabinet Painters

    If your cabinets look dingy, have scuffs or peeling laminate, or if you want to improve your home’s resale value, it could be time to update them. Instead of replacing your cabinets, though, have you considered repainting?

    While you may think that painting your own cabinets can save you time and money, you don’t have the same experience or resources that our painters have that help us get the job done quickly. We get commercial discounts on paint, have industrial sprayers, and know how to set up an area outdoors to spray paint cabinet doors without making a mess inside.

    We know how to professionally paint the fronts and sides of your cabinets using brushes and rollers without spilling paint on your floors or tracking wet paint through your home. We also offer free estimates and guarantee your satisfaction, which you can’t offer yourself if you try to paint your own cabinets.

    How It Works: From Prep to Spray Paint

    For any job for cabinet painting in Tampa, we start by removing the cabinet doors. We then clean the cabinet structure and doors thoroughly, including light sanding to create a proper work surface for the type of paint we’ll use. We may also need to patch or repair cabinet surfaces to improve the final appearance of your cabinets.

    For the doors and drawer fronts, we will spray paint with an air-powered paint gun to keep coats even and prevent drips. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen or bathroom, we may also spray paint the rest of your cabinets, or we might switch to brushes and rollers.

    On days when humidity is an issue, we might use industrial fans to dry the paint faster between coats. We want to be in and out and out of your way as fast as possible while leaving your home looking better than when we came in.

    Does your business or multi-family property need new paint? We offer interior and exterior commercial painting services by our licensed and insured professionals.

    Turn to Original Florida Painting Company for Cabinet Painters in Tampa

    At Original Florida Painting Company, we are veteran-owned and -operated, and all of our painters are fully licensed and insured. We use high-quality paint and tools for a beautiful color and finish that lasts for years.

    Call us today at the Original Florida Painting Company at 813-860-8661 or contact us online to get your free estimate for cabinet painting in Tampa, FL.

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