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    Cabinet Refinishing in Brandon

    Tired of your old cabinets? Do they have stains, scratches, and scuffs? Turn to Original Florida Painting Company for cabinet refinishing in Tampa, FL!

    Cabinet refinishing in Brandon, FL

    If your wood cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom are showing food stains, grease buildup, or moisture intrusion, you don’t need to replace them. Contact us at Original Florida Painting Company for professional cabinet refinishing in Brandon, FL and the surrounding areas. We’re veteran-owned and -operated and use high-quality paints and stains for the best finish.

    Does the inside of your home or business need a facelift? Ask us today about our interior painting services for residential and commercial properties.

    Our Professional Wood Refinishing Services for Your Cabinet Surfaces in Brandon

    If you’re considering replacing your wood cabinets because the existing finish is showing wear and tear or because you can see where food or grease have worked their way into the wood, know that there’s another option. We can professionally refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to look brand new.

    While you might be tempted to take your cabinet doors and drawer faces off and attempt to refinish your cabinet surfaces yourself, you would get the job done faster with better results using our expert team. The refinishing process includes several steps using specialized tools and knowledge to match colors, repair damage, and strip the original finish down to bare wood.

    We offer free estimates and a complete satisfaction guarantee. Our licensed and insured professionals have years of experience in wood cabinet refinishing in Brandon, making them quick, efficient, and neat on the job.

    The Refinishing Process We Use, From Cleaning to Final Application

    Refinishing your cabinet surfaces begins with color-matching the finish of your cabinets before starting a meticulous cleaning process to remove ground-in stains, old finishes, and resin or wax coatings. We need to strip the cabinet surfaces to bare wood.

    We then repair any damage to the wood surface. We can match the color of the wood grain to fill scratches or marks, as well as repair damaged hardware holes or other defects. Once we fix the cabinets, doors, and drawer faces, we can then apply one of our available finish options, including natural-looking stains, colorful paints, and UV-cured coatings.

    When we’re working in your home or business, we try to leave your property looking as if we were never there (except for your stunning new cabinet finish). We use tarps and boot covers to protect your floors and the rest of your home and clean up before we leave.

    If your home needs more curbside appeal or your business looks drab, contact us for professional residential or commercial exterior painting services.

    Turn to Our Professionals to Update the Finish of Your Cabinets in Brandon, FL

    We’re the premier company for professional painting and cabinet refinishing services in and around the Tampa Bay area, satisfaction guaranteed.

    Call us today at the Original Florida Painting Company at 813-860-8661 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate appointment for cabinet refinishing in Brandon, FL.

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