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What Is the Best Color to Paint a Porch Ceiling of Your Tampa Residence

A fresh coat of paint can add life to your porch and increase your home's curb appeal. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is the best color to paint a porch ceiling?" take advice from Tampa’s residential house painters, Original Florida Painting Company Consider their list of popular color options and transform your outdoor space with a new look for your porch.  

Factors to Consider When Painting a Porch Ceiling

For best results when choosing a color for your porch ceiling, remember to treat your porch like an extension of your home. Everything from window frames and columns to architectural highlights and furniture play a part in creating the right space for you. Start with a few color options for your porch ceiling that you like the most, then play off of the surrounding color elements much like you would inside your home.     

The Paint Type

Always use the highest quality paint when painting your porch ceiling. It might serve as an outdoor covering, but porch ceilings still need protection from outdoor elements, such as moisture and debris. Choose the right paint color with a high-quality formula, and ensure your new porch ceiling makeover lasts for years. 

Popular Color Ideas for Your Porch Ceiling

What is the best color to paint a porch ceiling? Many color options exist, but determining which is right for you depends on your decoration goals and personal preference. Enjoy an inexpensive upgrade for your outdoor space that will last for years to come by choosing from our list of the most popular colors for your porch ceiling.


White creates a seamless aesthetic for your porch ceiling, much like a blank canvas. Match the crisp, clean appeal of a white porch ceiling with wicker chairs and vibrant pillows to add a pop of color to your surroundings. To really let your ceiling stand out, consider white colors to contrast the elements of dark wood, stone, or brick to lend a bold quality to your porch ceiling.   

While white makes an attractive color, light colors will tend to highlight dirt. When choosing white for your porch ceiling, expect a little more maintenance to keep your outdoor environs looking as immaculate as possible. 


A traditional standard for porches, blue opens your porch ceiling like a natural extension of the sky, allowing for a more inviting feel to your space. Blue porch ceilings also served historically in the south as a way to ward spirits away from homes. All superstition aside, blue remains one of the most popular porch ceiling colors because of the natural airy vibe it lends to the entrance of your home. 

Choose light blue colors like Charismatic Sky or November Skies to match neutral porch colors with your ceiling. For rich, dark blue porch ceiling color options that will match gray and light blue surroundings, consider Adriatic Sea from Sherwin-Williams or Symphony Blue from Behr.    


Light green porch ceilings lend well to the lush environs usually found around Tampa residences. The subtle hues of seafoam green can add a calming look as well, with a mix of gray, blue, and green tones. 

For a more dramatic effect, dark green creates a formal appeal, especially when matching your ceiling around darker foliage. 

Some color ideas to consider when choosing green include: 

  • Garden Spice from Behr
  • Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball
  • Dark Olive from Benjamin Moore


Earth tones like terracotta make a wonderful addition to any porch ceiling. Terracotta paint lends a calming atmosphere while still standing out from other exterior colors, such as white. Choose bold colors to mix and match with this type of color; you can never overpower terracotta with rich contrasting shades or furniture that will help it stand out.  

Vibrant Colors

Florida’s tropical setting gives homeowners a great opportunity to explore eye-catching colors. Art deco and Victorian-style homes go well with bright-colored hues like eggplant and butter yellow. 

When considering, “What is the best color to paint a porch ceiling?" yellow porch ceilings offer a warm, happy feeling with the color of the sun. Try a pale yellow like Lemon Glow from Benjamin Moore to add a lovely accent to your porch ceiling. To offset bright ceiling colors, finish the rest of your porch with white or other neutral colors on porch railings and trim.

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