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Can You Paint Over Wallpaper in a Bathroom in Your Tampa Residence?

Sometimes, a home needs some refreshing changes. Like other homeowners in Tampa, FL, you plan to tackle these upgrades in the simplest way possible. But you still encounter obstacles that thwart home improvement projects. Bathroom wallpaper is among those obstacles.

Can you paint over wallpaper in a bathroom? As Tampa’s residential house painters, the skilled crew at Original Florida Painting Company answers this question.

What to Consider

A straightforward painting job requires proper equipment, attention to detail, and plenty of skill. A complicated paint job has a more in-depth process that often needs a professional touch. Before painting over the wallpaper, thoroughly assess the situation. 

  • What type of wallpaper is it? Vinyl will require an approach that differs from linoleum. Self-adhesive wallpaper might cause problems that pasted wallpaper won’t.
  • How old is the wallpaper? Aged wallpaper is prone to peeling, which can quickly make a mess of your newly painted wall. 
  • Does it cover the entire wall or just a border? If you have wallpaper that covers the whole wall, you’ll have a bigger, more complicated job ahead of you.
  • What type of paint do you want to use? Some paints might effectively cover the wallpaper. Others are too thin to effectively cover the patterns.

The painting project's course depends entirely on each factor listed above. Regardless of the route you take to revamp your Tampa bathroom, you should identify the wallpaper materials, the date of installation, and the type of paint you plan to use. Research these factors thoroughly before adding fresh coats of paint.   

Can You Paint Over Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

So, can you paint over wallpaper in a bathroom? In short, yes. You can paint over wallpaper in a bathroom. However, you should carefully consider the risks associated with the process.

For example, some wallpaper has raised textures and bold colors. These features make the painting process take much longer. Light paint colors might not completely cover the rich, deep hues. The texture is extremely difficult to cover up without seemingly endless coats of paint.

Another example is old wallpaper. Check it thoroughly before priming or painting. Does it show any signs of decay? Have you noticed any lifted corners? If so, painting over the paper might cause more problems than it solves.

Although painting seems straightforward and simple, Tampa homeowners should always carefully consider the issues they’ll run into without professional assistance. Otherwise, what seems like an easy paint project can easily morph into a home improvement nightmare that causes structural damage or even lowers the property’s overall value.

Although you can paint over bathroom wallpaper, you should reach out to expert painters for professional opinions before embarking on the project. 

The Cons of Painting Over Bathroom Wallpaper

What’s the worst that could happen when you paint over the wallpaper in your bathroom? The potential outcomes might surprise you. Consider the potential implications listed below.

The wallpaper could have mold beneath it. The weather in Tampa, FL is typically hot and humid for most of the year. Likewise, a bathroom’s environment stays moist and warm. Both conditions can lead to mold growth. If you paint over the wallpaper, you could seal in and secure mold that will thrive and spread. 

You might not possess the safety equipment needed to protect your health. Primer, paint, and other materials you’ll need often have toxic ingredients. You must purchase effective personal protective equipment before embarking on the project. Otherwise, you could damage your respiratory health.

The finished project could look cheap and badly done. When wallpaper covers the entire wall, has raised textures, or features intense color combinations, it might clash with your choice of paint. Raised seams and areas of torn material can also contribute to a shabby paint job.

The wallpaper could degrade over time. Sometimes, wallpaper has hardware like screws or nails beneath it. It could also end up in the path of leaks. These issues cause the paper to bubble up or peel. Long after you’ve completed the project, you might notice new imperfections cropping up.

The multi-step process takes lots of work. A proper paint job requires thorough preparation, careful application, and lots of cleanup. If you don’t already have all the proper equipment and products, you could end up with a sunk cost for a one-time project that eats into your time and energy. 

Why Professional Tampa Painters Should Do It

Ultimately, you can paint over the old wallpaper that doesn’t suit your taste in interior decor. However, you should hire professional painters in Tampa, FL to do the job correctly. Experienced painters already have all the equipment and paint products needed for the job.

Plus, they possess a deeper knowledge of how to use different paints. For example, some paints will increase the temperature in a room. Other paints have a formula and color that cools a room.

A professional removes the guesswork of whether you should or shouldn’t remove the wallpaper. They can detect any issues lurking beneath the surface, choosing methods that enrich the bathroom’s beauty and add value to the home.  

What a Professional Process Looks Like

The professional process begins with a consultation. A representative will arrive at your home and calculate the project’s scope and price. You’ll know what to expect throughout the process.

If the team can paint over the wallpaper, they’ll begin the preparation and cleaning process. This step involves setting up the equipment. They’ll then clean the walls and apply a coat of primer to secure the wallpaper.

Finally, they’ll apply coat after coat of your chosen paint color. This step can take a while since each coat needs plenty of time to dry. Otherwise, the incessant borage of wet paint can seep beneath the seams and raise the paper. 

Original Florida Painting Company in Tampa Does the Job Right

Can you paint over wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes, you can. But you should always seek help from professional painters. The team at Original Florida Painting Company focuses on excellent service and unrivaled quality for each client in Tampa, FL. They’ll help choose timeless bathroom paint colors that pull the space together.

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