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How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Hallway in Your Brandon Home?

Repainting your hallways is a fantastic way to give them a fresh new look while enhancing your home’s interior. However, many Brandon, FL, homeowners don’t know how much painting a hallway costs, making it difficult for them to budget for the project. So, how much does it cost to paint a hallway? 

Original Florida Painting Company, top-rated painting experts in Brandon, FL, put together this guide to teach you more about hallway painting and the project’s average cost.

Average Hallway Painting Cost in Brandon, FL

Figuring out how much it costs to paint a hallway isn’t always easy since numerous factors affect the price. The type of paint, labor, hallway size, and more all play a role in the painting project’s rate. 

Hallway painting projects can range from $350 to $1,125. That said, the national average hovers around $500. It’s best to measure your hallway and ask several painting companies for estimates before hiring a painter. 

When shopping for a professional painting company, tell each company:

  • How many doorways and archways the hallway has
  • Your preferred paint type
  • Your ceiling type (textured, flat, etc.)
  • If you want to paint the baseboards and trim
  • Your design idea (two-toned walls, single-color walls, etc.)

These things can also increase the project’s price, so it’s important to inform the painters when asking for an estimate. Once the painting company understands your needs and expectations, they will provide an estimate so you can plan for the upcoming project.

How a Hallway’s Square Footage Affects Painting Prices in Brandon, Florida

Your hallway’s size also plays a significant role in painting prices. Most hallways are 8 by 12 feet or 14 by 12 feet, but the bigger the hallway, the higher the painting project’s price. 

For example, if you have a 96-square-foot hallway, you will likely pay between $190 to $600 for a fresh paint job. However, if you have a 168-square-foot hallway, prices can reach up to $1,010. That’s why it's essential to measure your hallway and tell your painter its size so they can provide an accurate estimate before starting the project.

Hallway Painting Labor Costs in Brandon

How much does it cost to paint a hallway when you hire professionals? Most painting companies charge by the hour or by square footage. Rates typically run $20 to $50 per hour or $2 to $6 per square foot. However, the project’s complexity, duration, and more can increase or decrease the price.

Hiring professional painters is almost always the best choice for hallway painting. Painting contractors have all the necessary equipment, access to quality paints, and expertise that will leave your hallway walls with a flawless finish.

Types of Paint and Their Prices

One of the biggest price factors in hallway painting is the type of paint you use. You have several paint options to choose from, each providing a different look and unique advantages. Some are easier to clean and dry fast, while others are more resistant to dings and scuffs. 

The paint’s finish can also increase your hallway painting project’s price. Below are some popular paint finishes and how much they cost on average:

  • Flat: $20 to $35 per gallon
  • Eggshell: $20 to $40 per gallon
  • Semi-gloss: $35 to $40 per gallon
  • High-gloss: $30 to $40 per gallon
  • Satin: $40 to $50 per gallon

Below are some common hallway paints, their benefits, and their average price per gallon:

Water-Based Paint

Water-based paint is the most cost-effective paint variety available at $15 to $50 per gallon. This easy-to-clean paint is also non-toxic and dries quicker than most other paint types. Water-based paint comes in both high gloss and matte sheens, making it incredibly versatile. 

Many homeowners prefer water-based paint for their hallways since it helps mask dirt and makes it less noticeable. However, it's more prone to blemishes and imperfections than oil-based paints and may require more coats of paint later on. That said, if you want a budget-friendly paint type with many color options to keep up with painting trends, water-based paint can be an excellent choice for your hallway painting project.

Acrylic Latex Paint

Acrylic latex paint is another popular hallway paint variety that typically costs between $40 to $60 per gallon. Its paint colors are typically brighter and more pronounced than other varieties and will help your hallway pop. 

Acrylic latex paint is temperature resistant as well, making it ideal for Florida's tropical climate. It won’t crack, flake, or peel in extreme temperatures, helping your hallway look its best for years to come.

Oil-Based Paint

Most oil-based paints provide a high-gloss finish and are exceedingly smooth. They won’t succumb to wear and are one of the most resilient paint varieties currently available. You can expect to pay between $50 to $60 per gallon for oil-based paint.

It’s important to note that oil-based paints are more prone to cracking and peeling than most other paint types. They also have a distinct odor before they dry that can overtake a space rather quickly. This makes some Brandon homeowners wary of oil-based paint, pushing them towards other types. However, oil-based paints are still a wonderful, long-lasting option and can do wonders for any residential hallway’s appearance.

Urethane-Based Paint

Urethane-based paints are becoming more popular in residential spaces due to their durability. They are easy to clean and work best on metal and wooden molding work and trim. Urethane-based paint typically costs between $50 to $60 per gallon.

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Next time you wonder, “How much does it cost to paint a hallway in Brandon, FL?” contact Original Florida Painting Company. This team will handle all the prep work and rejuvenate your hallway with exceptional painting that takes your interior to new heights. 

Whether you’re painting over wallpaper or old paint, Original Florida Painting Company is always here for you.

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