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How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors You Won't Regret

Your bathroom is more than the home to a few water appliances that serve your basic needs. It represents your number-one spot for self-care and relaxation after a long day filled with office conferences, PTA meetings, and afternoon errands. However, imagine preparing to soak all your troubles away in a relieving, hot bath but looking up at a drab, dreary wall that just reminds you that you have more work to do.

Don’t sit there counting the cracks in your old paint job or wishing you had gone with another color scheme. We’ll show you how to choose a bathroom paint color and redesign your washroom. Then, when it’s time, trust Original Florida Painting Company, Tampa’s residential house painters, to administer that pop of color that’ll have you enjoying this downtime better than ever.

Consult With the Color Wheel

You may think a color wheel offers nothing more than each color set beside the two other colors resembling it, but it does involve some science. Colors next to one another, like yellow and green or orange and red, invoke a calm, subtle feeling when paired together. Because the analogous colors closely match, painting a room with these harmonizing hues provides aesthetically pleasing vibes, producing an orderly appearance.

If you prefer a bit more pop of color, use complementary colors for vibrancy. Complementary colors sit across from each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow. Although they make more risky color choices that require the right shade of each to avoid chaos, they bring about a whimsical and sometimes sophisticated design.

If you want a balance between these two polar opposite appearances, create a slight contrast in your analogous layout with opposing shades and finishes. For example, choose a richer green color with a glossy topcoat and pair it with a more subtle matte blue. Otherwise, create unity in your complementary setup by sticking to natural shades rather than bold colors that outshine one another.

Using Your Home as Inspiration 

Speaking of unity, while some residents in Tampa, FL, like to make each room a different color and feel, others want a consistent look in all quarters, creating a unifying appearance. If you’re like the latter bunch and want an interior design flow that doesn’t stop at the bathroom door, you know where to find your inspiration. 

When you want to understand how to choose a bathroom paint color, observe the trends in color, shade, and style already evident in your home. For instance, if you use a particular accent color throughout each room, such as gold trim, brown crown molding, or a unique hue from accent walls, consider making it the primary color in your bathroom. 

This method balances your interior design, giving these secondary colors a chance to take dominance. More importantly, it creates a unique layout for this room while allowing the shades to tie back subtly to the rest of your home. 

Consider Matching What You’re Not Changing

Even if you don’t want to draw more extensive comparisons to the rest of your abode, you may want to match the tiles, furniture, and other splashes of color you have lying around this room. After all, the last thing you want is to focus so closely on your walls that they don’t match your cabinets or wooden floors. 

For instance, if you have black tiles, matte beige ones, or any other neutral hues, they’ll be easier to accentuate than the limiting hot pink, neon yellow, or brightly painted designs. However, non-traditional floors and overall color schemes aren’t all you have to work with since natural light alters what you put down. 

Sometimes a swatch looks one way in a store’s artificial lighting and then changes its appearance in a room receiving high natural lighting. Therefore, when wondering how to choose a bathroom paint color for your home, contemplate your lighting level and the number of windows. Then, bring home samples to hold against your wall before the Benjamin Moore cans themselves. 

Create Your Oasis Without Lifting a Finger With Original Florida Painting!

If samples never look the same on your walls as in the book, or you don’t know where to start, turn to the top pros. Our five-star team earned the Thumbtack Service Awards for three consecutive years for residential and commercial exterior and interior painting jobs. 

For veteran-owned and operated services in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas that’ll help you determine how to choose a bathroom paint color from Benjamin Moore's selection, reach out. Contact Original Florida Painting Company for a free quote today!

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