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The 8 Rules for Painting a House Exterior That Should Not Be Broken in Tampa

Painting your home's exterior is a great way to boost your property's curb appeal. However, DIY house painting projects can easily go wrong, leaving you with a bad paint job and hundreds of wasted dollars. That's why every homeowner should know what not to do when painting their home.

The expert exterior house painters in Tampa at Original Florida Painting Company are here to explain the eight rules for painting a house exterior that you need to follow.

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

You can do some things at the last minute, but you should plan and prepare for painting projects well in advance. You should create a detailed plan for the products, time, and work needed to achieve your desired result.

Next, clean your home's exterior, removing old or worn-down paint. If you have old siding or trim, scrape it off before sanding your home's surface. Finally, you should place coverings on nearby plants, trees, decks, cars, and everything else you don't want to paint.

2. Set Reasonable Goals

Home DIY painting has its benefits. However, you should be realistic about whether you can paint your home on your own. Consider your property's size and the amount of time and tools you'll need to finish the job.

3. Don't Rush

Painting isn't easy; it takes time, effort, and care to coat a home's exterior with paint. As a result, you may feel the urge to finish your painting as quickly as possible. However, it's best that you take your time to ensure the best quality paint job possible.

4. Use Quality Products

You might feel tempted to cut corners and use cheap paints for your home, but picking the wrong type of paint can leave your home worse for wear. Although you might save money in the short term, you'll likely have to repaint it again in the near future.

That's why choosing quality paint is crucial when planning your project. You'll also want to use high-quality primer, as it plays a key role in ensuring your home's fresh paint job lasts. 

It also helps to have premium-grade rollers and brushes, which help speed up the painting process without sacrificing quality. You'll thank yourself later when you see your home's paint job shine.

5. Avoid Lead Paint

Most places don't sell lead paint anymore due to the government's restriction on lead paint sales. If you're painting an older home, you might encounter lead paint. In particular, you should be extremely careful repainting homes built before 1978. 

Take time to educate yourself on how to protect yourself from lead paint. If needed, contact professional help to address any concerns you have.

6. Paint Multiple Coats

Many homeowners only apply one paint coat, as it saves time and energy. You should apply more than one coat of paint to your home, as it'll improve your paint job's quality and appearance. When combined with the right primer, multiple coats of paints look stunning.

7. Use Proper Techniques

Look into expert-recommended tips for painting. A good rule of thumb is to start from the top and work your way down. Take things slowly and carefully; otherwise, you risk giving your home a bad coat of paint.

It's also best to paint any overhangs or external fixtures before you paint your home's walls. This step prevents the paint from dripping onto the walls. Finally, finish your paint job by touching up any spots you might've missed. Check often-overlooked areas like corners and underneath fixtures.

8. Avoid Bad Weather

This guideline is one of those rules for painting a house exterior that people misunderstand. Many homeowners correctly assume that you should avoid rainy conditions but that it's okay to paint during any other type of weather. However, windy, hot, and cold days are just as bad for painting projects as rainy days.

Wind can prevent paint from drying, while hot weather can cause it to dry too quickly. Worst of all, cold weather can cause your paint to freeze before it dries!

Pick a day that's cloudy and mild so that your paint can dry without interference. You'll also be significantly more comfortable painting under these conditions.

Professional Painters in Tampa, FL

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your DIY painting project? Original Florida Painting Company provides expert painting services that can help you achieve your painting goals. They know about preparing walls for painting and can help explain the rules for painting a house exterior. Contact the team to learn more.

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