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The Five Best Paint Colors for Your Brandon Family Room 

In many Brandon homes, the family room (also known as the living room) is the center of daily activity. Whether relaxing with friends, watching television, playing games, or just napping on the sofa, this space has many purposes. It’s also one of the most public spaces in any home, so you want it to look stylish, pulled together, and fresh. 

The background to all this activity is the wall color, which sets the stage for everything else. When it’s time to redecorate, you might struggle to choose paint colors for family room walls, but Original Florida Painting Company, the most respected painting company in Brandon, FL, can help. Here, the licensed and insured painting experts share some ideas for family room paint to create the welcoming and cozy space of your dreams. 

Try These Colors for a Comfortable Living Space 

When choosing a paint color for any room, there’s a lot to consider, from the size of the room and available light to your preferences. Chances are, you also need to work with your existing furniture, wall decor, flooring, and accessories. While these might feel like restrictions, try thinking of them as guides instead and use them to inspire creative ideas that reflect your family’s style and personality. 

With that in mind, Original Florida Painting Company has some paint colors for family room ideas that work in many Brandon homes. 

1. Neutrals 

It’s hard to go wrong with a basic neutral paint color in a living room — but don’t mistake neutral for boring. Warm neutrals like classic beige make lighter-colored furniture pop and highlight the room’s shape, making it a perfect choice whether your decor style is traditional, contemporary, or cottage-inspired. While many consider warm neutrals cozy, a cool shade of greige is an ideal choice when the rest of the color palette includes shades of blue, purple, or green. 

A neutral wall is also ideal for a monochrome color scheme in your living room. Look at shades of tan, taupe, or even gray to ground the space and achieve the ideal balance of sophistication and comfort while maintaining casual elegance. 

2. White 

Although white is neutral, it holds a place of its own when looking at paint colors for family rooms. You might not realize how many shades of white you have to choose from and that, depending on your goals for the space, one will be the clear winner. Warm white paint, like the 2023 Color of the Year with a slight yellow undertone,  is a fantastic shade thanks to its versatility, as it works with virtually any decor style and allows you to easily switch out decor for a fresh look with minimal effort. 

If you’re going for a more modern and contemporary feeling in the living room, cool, bright white walls are the perfect backdrop for cool grays, black, and metallic finishes. The luminous undertones are a crisp backdrop to colorful furniture or accessories, as well. When you want a unique furniture piece or artwork to stand out, go with a stark white wall. 

3. Dramatic Colors 

In smaller spaces, rich shades of navy, hunter green, or chocolate brown can create a moody but elevated feeling. Dark colors like navy offer the same sophistication as black paint without the excessive drama. Pair these colors with warm wood or neutral furniture, shades of tan or brown, and gold accents for a timeless, mature, and elegant room that transitions beautifully from family game night to cocktails with colleagues. 

Unsure if you want to commit to such a bold color in your Brandon family room? Consider using a darker shade as an accent wall paired with a neutral or lighter shade from the same color family. An accent wall is a natural focal point and the ideal way to highlight unique architectural elements or a particularly striking piece of artwork or break up large swaths of white or neutral paint. 

4. Purple 

Purple paint for the family room might feel like an unusual choice, but the array of options, from vibrant shades of lavender and plum to muted shades that border on gray, means there’s a purple paint for every style. A purple room can be playful or sophisticated, and it pairs well with neutrals as well as complimentary green, blue, or gray accents. 

5. Green

Like purple, green is a versatile color with a wide array of hues, from muted gray-green to vibrant shades of grass or lime green. Green paint colors for family rooms prove that not every living area has to be neutral to look cozy and comfortable, and the right verdant shade can make the room feel crisp and fresh or moody and grounded. Have fun with accent colors; pops of yellow or orange are a fun addition to the space that caters to youngsters

If pure green isn’t right for your home, consider a shade of teal instead. A deep teal offers the same earthy feeling as a deep green with a touch of softness that comes from the blue. Teal can read more green or blue depending on the light, so experiment with different shades to find the perfect one for your space. 

Leave the Painting to the Professionals of Original Florida Painting Company 

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your Brandon home, but the project might not be as simple as you expect. Why stress yourself out trying to achieve a flawless finish when you can leave the work to the accomplished and meticulous professionals of Original Florida Painting Company? When you want help selecting new paint colors for family room walls, have questions about paint finishes, or need help applying paint over wallpaper, the dedicated contractors of this veteran-owned and -operated local company are here for you. Reach out today to get an estimate and start your family room upgrade. Soon, you’ll enjoy a perfectly painted room, guaranteed to be the showplace of your home.

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