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What Color Should I Paint My Front Door in Brandon, FL?

The color of your front door has just as much impact as the color of your siding and your landscaping. If your home exterior doesn’t look as amazing as you want, you may find yourself asking, “What color should I paint my front door?”

Everyone will have a different opinion about the color you should choose, but your front door should reflect your own personal style and make you happy every time you pull into the driveway. And you don't have to be an interior designer to figure out the best color for your front door.

Boost curb appeal by scheduling service with Brandon's experienced painters to update the look of your front door. Original Florida Painting Company provides reliable painting services in Brandon and the surrounding areas. 

Classic, Neutral Tones

A classic color for your front door, like brown or gray, will always look great as trends change. You can have a door that stands out while maintaining the classic feel if you choose navy blues or browns with red tones. 

If you decide to update your home’s exterior in the future, a door painted in a classic color is flexible enough to look great with new exterior walls, roof color, or landscaping.

Feature Wooden Doors with a Stain

You aren’t limited to just painting when choosing the color of your front door. If it’s wooden, you can bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain by staining it instead of painting. Stains come in a wide variety of colors to work with your personal style. 

If you decide to update your door in the future, painting over staining is easier than removing paint before repainting it a different color.

Stand Out with a Bright Color

If you love to express yourself with bright colors inside, why not bring that joy outside? A bright color shows your personality and makes it easy to give directions to your home. “It’s the one with the yellow door” helps first-time guests and delivery people find your house without looking up and down your whole street when their maps app fails them.

When you ask, “What color should I paint my front door?” and decide on a color that stands out, you can go in a couple of different directions. Bright colors like orange or teal definitely stand out, but they may not suit your tastes. Colors like dark green or maroon stand out while also creating a more classic vibe.

Embrace Your Natural Surroundings

You can choose a color that works with the hues in your landscaping and the foliage on your property for a quaint, English cottage feel. Look at your home from a distance and take in all the colors you see. If your landscaping has tons of green, painting your door and window trim sage green will embrace the natural color and make it blend with the surroundings in the best way possible. 

Leaning into the colors of the landscape makes your house look like it belongs in that exact spot, whether it be greens, blues, or browns.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint for Your Front Door

Color isn't the only thing to consider when choosing paint for your front door. Here are a few ways to make sure the decision you make is one that will last many years and always look great.

Look at Paint Options Outside

Lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to paint choices. If you bring home paint chips and look at them under your warm kitchen lighting, you may end up with a shock when your front door turns out a totally different color than you expected. 

Take your paint swatches outside and look at them at different times of the day. That’s the only way you will really know what your color choice will look like before you invest time and money in painting.

Choose Durable Paint

No matter what color you choose, make sure you buy exterior paints that are durable enough to withstand outdoor exposure. The paint you choose has to withstand the heat and humidity of Florida weather. Wooden surfaces can expand and contract depending on the humidity level, and the last thing you want is to come home to cracked paint because you chose paint meant for indoor surfaces. 

Keep your pets in mind when shopping for durable paint options. If you have a family dog that scratches at the door to come inside, you need paint that won’t show damage after just a few days.

If your front door is metal and not wood, you also have to consider rust protection. Choosing a paint designed to prevent rust will keep your door in good shape for significantly longer than inferior paint. 

Make a Small Home Seem Bigger

If you have a small home, try painting the door the same color as the trim and window frames. It gives your home a cohesive look and creates the opportunity for you to feature outdoor furniture, plants, and other decor that shows your personal style. 

Expert Painters in Brandon

You have tons of choices when it comes to front door paint colors. You can choose a classic color like gray or brown for a timeless look that lasts through changing trends.

Meanwhile, a bright color like orange or yellow makes your home stand out and better reflects your personality. And a color that compliments your natural surroundings, like sage green, makes your home look like it belongs nestled in the landscaping. 

Before making your final choice, when asking, “What color should I paint my front door?” look at all options outside so you can see exactly how they look under natural lighting. Remember to choose durable paint that will withstand local weather conditions and prevent rust on metal doors. 

If you are still working on updating the inside of your home, painting plaster walls is a great way to refresh the space. 

Original Florida Painting Company provides five-star service in Brandon, FL, and the surrounding communities. Fill out the online form to ask any questions or to schedule a free estimate with the team.

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