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What Color Should I Paint My Laundry Room in Tampa?

No matter how many people live in your home, it always feels like the laundry is never-ending. Whether you pop in a daily load of washing or do a week’s worth all at once on Saturdays, there’s no reason you can’t tackle sorting and folding in a pleasant space. Original Florida Painting Company, Tampa’s trusted painting company, has some ideas to help you answer the question, “What color should I paint my laundry room?”

Rule Number One: Have Fun 

Unlike other areas of your home, like the living or dining room, the laundry room is typically a smaller and more private space. This means you can experiment and play with colors you might not use in a larger or more public room. Even when you keep the rest of your home neutral or focus on natural wood tones, you can have some fun with the laundry room decor. 

The laundry room is utilitarian and often overlooked when it comes to home decor. If you’re like most people, you probably focus more on keeping it organized than on making it a well-decorated or stylish space. Painting the walls a fun color, like a cheerful yellow or saturated green, or just rolling on a few coats of your favorite shade injects your personality, even if you don’t spend much time there. 

Paint is the easiest way to freshen up the laundry room — and with the right color, you might find that dealing with dirty clothes is just a little less tedious. 

The Best Color Choices for a Tampa, FL, Laundry Room

Now that you have the freedom to have some fun, the question remains, “What color should I paint my laundry room?”

Before you head to the paint store, consider some of these options.

Citrus Shades

Is there anything more Florida than a bright citrus shade on the walls? Cheerful yellow, juicy orange or zesty lime green are the perfect paint colors for a Tampa laundry room. Pair these shades with bright white or stainless steel appliances for a fresh, Sunshine State-inspired feeling, or choose black or navy appliances for a more dramatic and sophisticated contrast. 

Retro Colors 

Retro-inspired shades, like coral, teal, and cherry red, are perfect for a Tampa laundry room, capturing the spirit of Old Florida with a modern flair. Try using them in different combinations — bright teal walls with red appliances are a fun and unexpected pairing — or choose one color for a monochromatic space. However you incorporate retro flair, the saturated shades will make a typically boring work area more fun.

Deep and Dramatic Shades

Deep colors, like chocolate brown, forest green, scarlet, or rich plum, can overwhelm larger rooms but make a small utility room feel warm and cozy. Try pairing a regal shade of purple with stainless steel appliances for an ultra-cool and sleek space, or lean into the Cottagecore trend by pairing a deep green with rose-gold toned cabinet pulls and wood floors. If you prefer something less moody, pair a deep wall color with bright white appliances and trim for a fresh and clean look.

Pretty Pastels

From a refreshing light blue to a romantic soft pink, pastel colors are always a good option for a Tampa laundry room. Light blue can feel uplifting and tranquil, and when paired with pure white appliances, trim, and accents, it just feels like a breath of fresh air. Muted shades of lilac, green, and yellow can also keep things feeling breezy while you fluff and fold. 

Great Grays 

When you want something trendy when thinking about “What color should I paint my laundry room?” it’s hard to go wrong with gray. The color is a versatile neutral, with a full spectrum of options from cool coastal grays to warmer, brown-tinged shades. Choose a spa-like gray to lighten up an otherwise dark space or a more dramatic charcoal for a cool, sleek, and elegant area to sort the lights and darks. 

Coastal Colors 

No discussion of paint colors for Tampa-area homes is complete without some coastal inspiration. Lean into the nautical theme with deep navy walls, white trim, and gold accents, or capture the spirit of the Gulf Coast with sea glass-inspired shades of aqua, emerald, and cool blues. You can also try a saturated green to transport yourself to the tropics on laundry day, especially when you add white accents, dark wood cabinetry, and plenty of woven baskets and other accessories. 


There’s nothing wrong with choosing a simple and classic shade of white paint for your home’s laundry and utility space. White is timeless and fresh and breathes the ideal backdrop to get creative with accents and accessories. Keep things calm and relaxing by painting the walls a warm white and pairing them with warm wood floors and cabinets, or let the plain backdrop make colorful appliances and accessories really stand out and add fun pops of color. 


Black is an underused wall color, but it’s gaining popularity among homeowners who want to add drama and elegance to their homes. The most common pairing is black walls with white appliances and trim, but the paint also pairs well with pastels, natural wood tones, or other neutrals. 

Let Original Florida Painting Company Bring Your Vision To Life

Whatever paint color you select for your laundry room, expert, professional painting makes all the difference in the overall finished space. Save yourself the time and frustration of achieving the perfect paint job and leave the work to the experts of Original Florida Painting Company instead. By working with the Tampa area’s most accomplished painting contractors, you don’t have to worry about drips, dings, or other flaws and only need to focus on enjoying your freshly painted walls. Whether you’re struggling to answer, “What color should I paint my laundry room?” and need expert insight, want advice on whether to choose an eggshell vs. satin paint finish, or need a quote for professional interior painting, get in touch with the licensed and insured painters of Original Florida Painting Company.

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