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What Is the Best Deck Paint for Your Tampa Home? 

Homeowners living in Tampa generally agree a deck is practically a requirement. You and your family can enjoy outdoor living all year round on a beautiful, well-maintained deck, whether you use the space for cooking and dining, entertaining, or just relaxing and soaking up the Florida sunshine. 

The same weather that brings so many people to the Sunshine State can also do a number on your deck’s surface. When you need to address the faded, peeling, and weathered surface, you’ll probably ask, “What is the best deck paint?” The professional painting team from Original Florida Painting Company, Tampa’s trusted painting company, has the answer and can help you restore your deck to its original glory. 

Why Choosing the Right Paint for Your Deck Matters 

Any outdoor surface in Florida requires paint that can hold up against the extreme climate. The sun’s harsh rays and frequent heavy rain can speed up the deterioration of painted surfaces without extra protection. Add in the heavy foot traffic of the typical residential backyard deck, and you can understand why investing in the correct paint is so important. 

Essentially, while you could use simple exterior paint for a deck, experts recommend choosing one designed specifically for porches and decks and for the type of deck material you have. A deck’s horizontal surface receives more direct sun than the walls of your home. When you factor in foot traffic, deck paint must be more durable. 

With that in mind, you have multiple types of paint to choose from, and ultimately, “What is the best deck paint?” depends on the unique characteristics of your deck. 

Types of Paint for Residential Decking 

 The best deck paint for your project depends on several factors, including:

  • Deck material (wood, PVC, composite, etc.) 
  • The color you want
  • Safety options like non-slip surfaces
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Durability 
  • Ease of application 
  • Temperature rating 

No single paint will check all the boxes, and different types of paint excel in different areas, so consider selecting the one that works best for your needs. Understanding the basic types of paint can help you narrow down the choices. 


Latex paint is the most common type of paint for home improvement products. A water-based paint with a combination of acrylic and synthetic binders, this versatile and affordable option works optimally for painting a deck. You’ll find the most color selection in latex paint, including custom colors. However, it offers less durability than other paints and can be more challenging to apply flawlessly. 


The most common choice for wooden decks, oil-based paint is exceptionally durable. The paint soaks into the wood surface, which helps it last longer and protects the surface against scratches and moisture. This extra durability comes with a price tag; it can cost more than twice as much to paint a deck with oil-based paint. 


For a more water-resistant deck, epoxy paint, a mixture of acrylic latex and epoxy, makes a good choice. The durable finish lasts significantly longer than latex and requires minimal maintenance, but it’s also expensive and prone to cracking. The biggest drawback of epoxy paint for a deck stems from its tendency to become slippery when wet.


Acrylic paint is a good choice in a warm, humid climate like Tampa. The water-based paint contains an acrylic resin that resists mildew. Although it doesn’t last as long as oil-based paint, it’s more affordable, easier to apply and remove, and contains fewer VOCs. 

Which Paint Is Best for Your Deck? 

Now that you have an idea of the different types of paint, what is the best deck paint for your Tampa home?

You must first consider the deck material. While oil-based paints make the best choice for a long-lasting finish on a wood deck, latex paint is the better option if you have a composite material deck. 

Painting (or staining) a wood deck can help extend its lifespan by adding a layer of protection against the elements. Because wood absorbs oil-based products, the paint protects decking boards inside and out. 

Composite decking doesn’t absorb moisture, so oil-based products won’t adhere to the surface. Painting composite decking also doesn’t affect its lifespan, so only use it for aesthetic reasons, like covering stains or freshening faded areas. A quality acrylic latex paint will adhere, but manufacturers often recommend using a stain designed for composite decking for the best results. 

Improving Safety 

If you need to paint a pool deck or simply want to improve backyard safety, choose a paint that includes non-skid ingredients to create a slip-resistant surface. These products create a textured surface that increases traction even with a wet surface, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. 

Another safety concern about deck paint stems from the amount of VOCs (the chemicals it releases into the atmosphere as it dries) it contains. Some types of deck paints have more VOCs than others, which can cause eye irritation and respiratory issues for some people. Choose an environmentally friendly low-VOC paint if you have concerns about the potential health effects. 

Choosing Paint Colors 

Once you know the kind of paint to use, you can choose a color. While many homeowners choose white or neutral shades of gray or brown for their decks, try adding a pop of color to enhance your deck and complement your home. Keep in mind that darker colors attract heat, which can make them very hot underfoot and more likely to fade or peel faster than lighter shades. 

Let Original Florida Painting Company Restore Your Deck to Its Former Glory 

If any part of your Tampa, Florida home, from the deck to the exterior plaster walls to interior spaces, needs a fresh coat of paint, leave the work to Original Florida Painting Company. They’ll put their years of training and expertise to work choosing the perfect color and type of paint and use industry-leading methods for an impeccable paint job. 

If you can’t decide what is the best deck paint for your project, make it easier by letting Old Florida Painting Company take care of it.

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