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When Is the Best Time to Paint House Exterior in Tampa?

You have several factors to consider when deciding to paint your home’s exterior in Tampa, FL, and timing is among the most crucial. Painting your exterior at the right time ensures the most attractive and long-lasting results. If you paint during the wrong season, you’ll soon end up needing to recoat your exterior.

Generally, the best time to paint house exteriors is during a moderate season. You want to avoid precipitation, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and humidity. In Tampa, you’re most likely to find these conditions from late fall to early spring. 

Below, the team at Original Florida Painting Company explains why timing and weather are vital to successful exterior house painting. If you have any questions or want to hire reliable professionals, contact your trusted exterior house painters in Tampa, FL.

What Contributes to the Best Type of Weather for Exterior House Painting in Tampa, Florida?

Three factors contribute to the proper weather for exterior house painting: precipitation, temperature, and humidity. The best time to paint house exteriors is when precipitation and humidity are low and when temperatures are at their most moderate.


Avoid precipitation at all costs. Not only does paint need time to dry, but painting over a wet surface can cause damage. Find a time when the forecast is dry, and wait a few days after any rainfall to begin your paint project.

If you paint over wet wood, you’ll trap the moisture beneath your home’s surface. Trapped moisture leads to several issues, such as:

  • Peeling
  • Bubbling
  • Mildew
  • Mold 

The chance of rain or snow in Tampa decreases in the winter, making it an excellent time for an exterior paint job.


When you paint your home's exterior, you want the temperature to be between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re most likely to find such a temperature in Tampa, FL, from late October to early March.

Paint thickens in colder temperatures, resulting in uneven coating and dripping. In hotter temperatures, paint thins. As a result, you’ll spend more time and money applying extra coats to achieve an attractive finish.

Apart from its effects on paint, consider how temperature affects your own well-being. You won’t want to be painting the exterior of your home while it's chilly or muggy. If the outdoor temperature is comfortable for you, it’s probably ideal for painting.


Low humidity is also crucial. If you paint while the humidity is high, you’ll end up with longer drying times, bad film, and water spots on your exterior. 

Additional Detriments of Painting at the Wrong Time in Tampa, FL

If you don’t find the right time to paint your exterior, you could come across several problems.

Glaring Sun

Painting during the Tampa summer produces poor results for several reasons. One reason is the glaring sun, which will dry out the paint, make it harder to apply a quality coat, and jeopardize your safety.

Cracking and Peeling

Hot temperatures will prevent the paint from binding together properly. When you apply unbonded paint, it quickly begins to crack and peel, leaving your exterior in an unsightly condition. 

Dried Out Paint

Many paints, such as latex ones, dry out in hot temperatures. While you want your paint to dry, quick drying can leave dark lines on your exterior that you’ll need to cover.


As we mentioned, precipitation can cause a wet exterior surface, and painting over it causes damage. Even if your house exterior is initially dry, your paint will wash away if it starts raining while you work.

Tackle Your Exterior Painting Project in Tampa Between Late October and Early March

Considering these factors, you should plan for a painting project when temperatures are moderate, precipitation is unlikely, and humidity is low. In Tampa, FL, that time lies between late October and early March. This is because the weather is warm but not hot, and Florida is at its driest. 

Contact Original Florida Painting Company for More Exterior House Painting Tips in Tampa

If you want to complete your project during the best time to paint house exteriors, hire professionals. The Original Florida Painting Company team has the industry-leading experience, skills, and equipment to paint your home’s exterior during any season. Professionals can protect your exterior from damage and provide a beautiful finish that increases your curb appeal.

When it comes to residential painting in Tampa, FL, no one does it better than Original Florida Painting Company. Call today for more exterior painting tips or to request a quote.

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