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Can You Paint Exterior Window Frames in Your Tampa Home?

If you want to give your home an updated look, a fresh coat of paint can do just the trick. Professional exterior painters can transform your whole home by painting your siding or giving a pop of color to smaller areas like the edge of the windows. How can you paint exterior window frames without damaging them? 

The experts at Original Florida Painting Company, Tampa's notable painting company, are here to answer that question. Discover tips for painting window frames in this helpful guide. 

Why Experts Recommend You Paint Exterior Windows

Say you like the color of your home's exterior but want to make the trim stand out more. Painting smaller areas around the home, including the window frames, can brighten the look and even make your windows look bigger. You don't have to choose a new shade of paint for this project to make a difference in your curb appeal. 

Old paint can start to chip from the frame and make your home look run-down. Applying new paint to the surface will give it a much better appearance. Have a professional evaluate the condition of the windows before jumping into any project. 

You can apply a new coat of paint without issue if the expert deems them in good condition. In severe cases, the frames become damaged beyond repair, and you'll need to replace them. 

How Can You Paint Exterior Window Frames Properly?

Painting window frames can make a huge difference in how your home looks, but it can be a difficult job. The surface area covers an area much smaller than painting interior rooms or your home's exterior siding. Because of the care and precision needed, it's best to hire professional painters rather than attempting to paint yourself. 

Before contractors can start painting, they need to prepare the space. This involves the following steps:

  • Testing the existing paint for lead: If you live in an older home and have yet to repaint your exterior window frames, there's a chance the current paint contains lead. This poses health risks, so the first step involves determining if lead is present and removing it carefully. 
  • Stripping away old paint: The next phase involves removing the old coat of paint with either a chemical stripper (if lead is present) or a soft brush or cloth. 
  • Filling any holes in the frame: If the frame contains any cracks or holes, painters will need to fill them using a special substance and make the surface even with a putty knife. 
  • Sanding the surface: It's necessary to sand down the frame to make it even. Sanding also helps the paint stick to the frame. 
  • Preventing paint stains on surrounding surfaces: Finally, painters will set a drip cloth around the area and apply protective tape to the window's glass to prevent spills and stains. 

Once the area is set and crews prepare the frame, they can begin painting the window frames. 

Only Paint During Fair Weather Days

If you wonder, "How can you paint exterior window frames quickly?" the answer often comes down to the weather conditions. The ideal time to paint will be during the daylight to prevent dew and condensation from damaging the frame. Fortunately, Tampa receives ample sunshine and warm temperatures throughout much of the year. 

Follow this good tip to determine how long the project will take based on the number of frames you need to paint. Look at the weather forecast and, if necessary, hold off painting if periods of rain or precipitation are possible. 

Don't Forget Primer

Applying primer to the window frame before you paint it can improve the final result. Primer prepares the surface for paint and conceals any imperfections before you add color. Add up to two coats of primer on the surface and let it dry fully before applying your chosen paint color. 

Use a High-Quality Exterior Paint

Many homeowners end up with deteriorating window frames because they don't use the right type of paint. If you want to touch up your windows with the same gallon of paint you used on your bedroom walls, the results won't be impressive. How can you paint exterior window frames so there is no damage? 

Experts urge you to hire professional painters who understand the best paint to use for different surfaces. For example, using indoor paint on your outdoor wooden window frames can lead to rotting or discoloration. Indoor paints don't have the waterproof properties that exterior paints have and, therefore, won't protect the surface from various weather patterns. 

In addition, specialists will know which kind of paint suits wooden frames, while vinyl requires a different formula. Using high-quality paint will protect the frame's material and leave a long-lasting finish. 

Apply Multiple Coats

Painting exterior window frames can be a lengthy project. You need to allow enough time for the painting itself, which can take a while since it requires precise strokes. You also need to account for drying time and add this all together for each coat of paint. 

Experts recommend putting multiple coats on your window frames. Not only will this make the color stand out more, but it also reduces the wear and tear of the paint. Adding more coats to the windows now means you can go longer between paint jobs. 

It often takes several hours for each coat to dry. Professional painters know to stroke the brush in the same direction as the wood grain and keep applying coats until the grain isn't visible. Doing this leaves you with the smoothest finish on your window frame. 

Contact Tampa's Top Painting Company for Professional Service

After reading these tips, you no longer have to wonder, "How can you paint exterior window frames." Whether you're interested in painting your metal siding, exterior window frames, or other part of your home, Original Florida Painting Company can help you transform your Tampa property for the better. 

Contact Tampa's #1 painting experts today to receive an estimate and start on your next painting project. 

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